Elegance Arched Curtain Rod

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Arched Curtain Rod Shapes

Arched curtain rod conveys old world elegance and adds architectural interest to a site. When dressing an arched window, simple treatments often provide the best solution. The key is to accentuate the architectural beauty of the window instead of hiding it. Curtains mounted in a variety of ways can achieve this goal. Curtains that follow the curve of an arch window offer a classic and elegant treatment.

Caroline Clifton-Mogg, the author of ” curtains: a fountain book design, ” recommends using light fabrics such as silk, unlined cotton or sheers to add luminous volume. Use arched curtain rod or French creases at the top of the curtain, then tie them back where the curve turns into the fall down of the window, complete the look. The curtains can be mount on curved bars or attached to a wall-mount board.

Only stationary panels, however, work with this option. The simplest option for dressing an arched window is to use an arched curtain rod mounted under the arch, at the top of the straight sides of the window. Curtains can be draw at night for more privacy without hiding the beauty of the arch. The highlight of this treatment is its simplicity.

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