Easy To Make Window Valance Styles

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Beautiful Valance Styles

Valance styles – While there are myriad valance options out there, often more complex versions are better left to the technicians Choose fabrics that coordinate with your home decor with some easy to make window valance styles and be ready to dress your windows in one afternoon. A slightly ruffled valance looks good in almost any interior style. To do this, simply measure your window width and buy your fabric to be at least one and a half times your window width. For example, a 30-inch window need at least 45 inches of fabric for a ruffled valance.
Release valance styles are from the top of the window is completely up to you, although 14 and 18 inches is typical. Press and sew a 1-inch hem on all sides of your fabric. Attaching the curtain loops to a long side of the valance or fold over the hem two inches and stitch to create a rod pocket. Hanging valance and evenly ruffles.
To instantly create a stylish and elegant look, a scarf valance styles work well alone or with your existing curtains. Select the length of your scarf fabric based on the width of the window plus double the amount of pins you want. A scarf valance styles drop can run as short as 16 inches down from the window top or even to the floor. Find your fabric lengthwise center and to keep it to the center of your curtain rod. Drape each side of the scarf over the ends of a curtain rod. Adjust the fabric needed to create swag along the front of the curtain rod with the ends of the scarf runs down the sides of the window.

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