Easy Tips On How To Make Double Window Curtains

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Window Curtains Ideas For Living Room

Double window curtains can add a stylish touch to a dull and classy room to the window. This allows the combination of thin and dense panels to be use. But most homeowners and other residents usually have one curtain rod. This limits them from thinking of more ideas about how to change the look of their windows. However, if you have multiple rods, you will definitely have many ideas for upgrading windows.

To make this project more practical, change your single bar to double window curtains. This way, you no longer have to incur additional costs. The main question here is how to do it. Reading the rest of this article will give you a little idea on how to do it. Get set of curtain rod conversion. This set has brackets, hardware, and simple curtain rods. Try to choose a color and design that is close to the old single stem you are using.

Remove your old curtains and fishing from the bracket. Put in a place where the line will not be tall, stained, worn or dust-covered. Slowly remove the old bracket and hardware. If you see a defect in the wall, try using a wall patch compound, sand and paint to return to the original view. But if it has major damage, and will not be able to withstand brackets and hardware, then you need to change the location. That’s the article about double window curtains.


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