Easy Diy Wool Braided Rugs

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Wool Braided Rugs

A handmade ​​wool braided rugs can add a cozy element to any bare ground, either wooden or carpeted floors. The technique of twisted wool is not complicated, and even a novice can learn the process and become an attractive braided rug without much effort. When planning your project and choose their colors, one of the first tasks involves estimating the amount of wool carpet will have to do that you will need desire
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  1. Measure the area you want to cover with the braided rug. Use the tape to determine the length and width of floor space and write the dimensions on a piece of paper.
  2. Multiplying the length dimension by the width dimension to determine the area of the carpet. For example, if the length of the carpet is 5 feet and width of the carpet is 4 feet, multiply by four to five reach 20 square meters.
  3. Figure 2/3 pounds of wool per square foot of carpet you are doing. Using the same example, multiply 20 by 0.66 to reach 13.2 pounds of wool
  4. Round the weight of wool to the nearest whole pound to ensure you have enough yarn to complete your wool braided rugs project

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