Dorm Wall Decor With Wallpaper

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Amazing Dorm Wall Decor

We are becoming more who opted to decorate of dorm wall decor with wallpaper. The trend of leaving smooth white walls with monastic aspect has been replaced by walls decorated with wallpaper from multiple colors and prints. There are many patterns and colors of wallpapers, with which we can decorate the wall of a bedroom. If we choose colors painted red and pink papers, we will soften the look of our bedroom. In this case we choose wallpaper with geometric pattern in pink and white tones to this lovely bedroom.
The pink walls, combined with beiges of tables, upholstered headboard and white bed linen, brings light and sweetness to this room. You can also decorate of dorm wall decor a painted red paper flowers. In this bedroom they have used the same pattern of red flowers on the walls.
In this room they chose dorm wall decor with a painted green paper flowers. Leaving the rest of the bedroom decor in neutral tones, not downplaying the walls. The beige wallpaper is a less risky when choosing a color that paper the walls of our bedroom bet. Although I think that if you’re going to put in your bedroom painted paper, this is better than not go unnoticed.

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