DIY Dog Pet Fence

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Pet Fence System

Pet Fence – Many dog owners choose to install electric dog fences as a way to keep their pets close to the house without being rejuvenated. Some of these systems and their installation can quickly become expensive, especially if you work with large yards. So why not save money by doing it yourself? The wire that will be compatible with your dog fence system is easy to find and not expensive.

First, you can narrow the wire search to a single strand, only isolated cables. This is the type of wire used for the system pet fence. When there are millions of types of cables and cables available, focusing on the right type is a big step to finding the right wire for your fence system. Next, determine which wire gauge you want to work on. If you replace the existing fence section or just want to increase the length of your fence, using a suitable wire gauge can help because the boundary signal is maintained to be more consistent.

However, various types of wire and wire gauges can also be used without disturbing the system. The most commonly used wire gauges in dog fences are 16 AWG, 18 AWG and 20 AWG. If you are not familiar with a wire gauge, a higher number means a thinner cable. In this case, 20 AWG cables are the thinnest option. There are benefits of using thin wire, including increased flexibility that can facilitate handling. 16 The AWG wire can be very stiff, making it harder to install. That’s the article about pet fence.


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