DIY Build Wood Storage In Argos

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Argos Boxes In Storage

A Tidy room is a necessity for everyone at their home, you can get rid the mess of clothes, shoes by store them on storage in Argos. The prices of Argos perhaps come in expensive cost, but you can build an Argos in a cheap cost. In this era make thrift way is a great way to do.
You can follow the instructions below to build the storage in Argos from wood. Read, do it in gently and carefully.
1. Measure the size of the Argos as you prefer, for example 20 to 10 inches.
2. Cut the wood 20 inches for 4 legs, then 10 inches for the props.
3. Screw or nail the legs and the props in tightly. You can make an Argo for 3 or 4 levels or as you desire. Give border for each levels as well as to be a storage place.
4. Nails the wood to be boxes without a cover as a storage 10×10 inches from the wood.
5. Give the holder on the front of the boxes.
6. Install the roller on the bottom of the legs then screw it tightly.
7. Insert the storage boxes to the Argo.
8. Paint the storage in Argo to finish. Use paint special for wood as well.
Those are the simple instruction to build storage in Argos from wood with DIY experience. With an Argos you can move the storage as you want without let the mess and untidy at your room. So, just try to make your handmade storage in Argo. It’s a pleasure if you can leave a comment or share this post with your friends.

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