Design Of Kitchen Bay Window Curtains

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Wonderful Kitchen Bay Window Curtains

Kitchen bay window curtains for your kitchen windows will completely change the look of your kitchen. They will play an important role in emphasizing the choices you have already made in the floors, cabinets and countertops. Choosing the right type of curtain for your needs is a tricky task, because of all available options. When choosing a style and fabric, making the curtains is a fairly easy project.


Decide on a style. If you want privacy but still want some sun, differentiated kitchen bay window curtains are the best. If curious neighbors are not a concern, a kappa-single type of curtain that simply clings up in the window is a good choice, or a pair of swags that bind back on either side. Sheers will cover the entire window but still let in the light. Choose your fabric and color. Fabric should be washable and practical, as it is in the hardest working room in the house. Texture is good, but not at the expense of the overall appearance of the room.

The color of the fabric should complement what is already in the room. Choose a color from the floor, countertop or tile for a balanced and drug-together look. A printed fabric, with fruit, flowers or barns, only works if everything else in the room is neutral and simple. Measure your kitchen bay window curtains. Measure from top to bottom and side to side. Double as much as height and three times the width of your actual fabric amount. Buy your fabric. Wash and iron it before you begin, so fabric shrinkage will happen before sewing curtains, and all sizing is removed, so you can see what the actual fabric looks and feels.

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