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Indoor pet fence – The wireless dog fence is an electronic fence and product revolution that provides the most advanced dog fence system functions. This wireless dog detention system is designed to keep your dog within a clear boundary. Compared to other wood or metal fences, wireless dog fences will prevent your dog from digging the road under the fence. By using this wireless pet control system you will be planning, laying and controlling the boundaries of the wire that you consider best and effectively train your dog. It effectively transmits wireless fence radio frequency signals around your home where the boundaries are set. Then your dog wears a light proof receiver collar that detects the signal from the wireless fence.
And while these signals are detected, your dog has time to run and play freely. But as soon as it approaches the boundaries of the wireless indoor pet fence signal boundaries, this is the time to sound a warning from the fence. At the same time, when your dog continues to be in a limited area and constant beep warning noise, the unremarkable static tone will be accepted by your dog just in the second time and will immediately transfer it back until your dog will not feel the pulse that again. Therefore, with this kind of system, wireless dog fencing works as a transmitter while a lightweight proof collar is a receiver. Since this exercise is easy and we will guarantee that your dog quickly learns its boundaries and finds out the difference between safe and limited areas.
Additionally, installing this highly effective dog training tool is quick and easy. The range of wireless indoor pet fence boundaries can be set up to 180 feet and can accommodate the size of the dog around 15 to 50 pounds. It gives you and your dog a great dog training experience. You don’t have to worry about signal interruption because our wireless dog fence signal can be consistently through walls or any obstacles. Therefore, you can place it as a convenient and smart area of your home and may contain any number of pets as long as each wears a receiver collar. But if you think you need to adjust the containment area, you can upgrade it using our additional transmitter. The wireless dog fence is highly recommended to all pet owners who want to make their homes organized and set areas prohibited for dogs. This is another way to avoid detecting your pet’s waste and preventing them from damaging any material at home.

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