Decorative Wall Paneling Themes

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Beautiful Decorative Wall Paneling

The decorative wall paneling is excellent for developing perceptions and personality to offer environments. The decorative panels for wall propose a different direction and new trends in market design, decoration and architecture.
The decorative wall paneling is divided into three major themes: city, natural, and motion with creative range of models, able to enhance the spaces and stimulate new visual experiences. Motion line of decorative panels for wall adds models that situation and fluidity. Comprising more rounded shapes and employs movement and life to environments.
The decorative panels for wall Natural line are marked by organic traces, able to harmonize any environment. Models of decorative panels for wall close contact with nature through its forms and movements. The Flower model has delicate features, with lightness and refinement. Rama model of decorative wall panels for simulating plant branches which are joined to each other, provide a unique character to the environment. The Mint model has organic contours that bring balance and beauty to rooms decorated for him.
The City Line is the one that stands out the forms present in major centers. This decorative wall paneling stands out for their diversity, depth and movement, providing living and growing environments.

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