Decorative Valances And Swags For Your Home

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Decoration Valances And Swags

A valances and swags is a short curtain or curtain hung to improve the top of a window and often to hide the tops of window treatments hanging down. A scarf valance drapery, one piece of fabric of suitable length, can be swaged on top of the window through the center of mini decorative garlands. Small wreaths of dried flowers add charm to a border in a girl’s room bedroom or the garden, while a wreath of laurel wood or metal adds a classic touch to a more formal setting.
Climb the ladder and hold a wreath against a top corner of the window frame or the wall next to the window opening where you want the scarf valances and swags to hang. Use a pencil to mark the spot and use the tape to locate and mark a point of agreement on the opposite side of the window. A wreath on every corner will suffice for smaller windows. Larger windows crowns may require more depending on the width and the number of desired garlands. Vary the height and spacing of the rings, if desired, to create different effects.
Drill holes at the desired height using an electric drill, following the manufacturer’s instructions for use drilling. Dried flower wreaths can be hung on hooks crown. Wood or metal crowns can come mounted on a back plate with screw holes (as a latch). Pull the valances and swags through the center of the wreaths, from a corner of the window. Organize scarf folds so the swags wreath to the crown and falls to the desired length of the wreaths on every corner. Adjust to fit your eye.

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