Decorate With A Black Fence

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Best Black Fence Ideas

Black fence are a classic addition to your outdoor space. There are many options for decorating your fence throughout the year. In a warmer climate, you can choose to hang flower boxes over the fences, and, during the harvest season, you can tie the corn stalks and scarecrows along the fence. During the winter months, evergreen wreath and lights are an ideal way to accentuate the classic beauty of your fence.
Ideas for decorate black fence, flower boxes along Hang the front side of the fence by sliding the hangers over the horizontal top board that extends along the fence. Space the boxes so that one box is in the center of each fence panel between each of the posts. You can buy boxes with a variety of flowers that are already in them or plant your own flowers. Gather 2 bunches of dried cornstalks and ornamental corn bunches, and places them on each side of the fence opening during the fall. Tie a bunch of corn stems on each side of the posts with twine garden.
Place a scarecrow in the center between each fence post. Tie the scarecrows to the center pickets with a string. Remove the fall decorations at the end of the season. Chain evergreen wreath along the top of the pickets that hang them down in the center of the panels between black fence posts. Secure the garland of the fence with a garden string.

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