Decorate Living Room With Teal Valance And Brown Shades

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Teal Valance Images

Teal valance – Modern furniture is often based on monochromatic colors. Black, white and gray with minimal color accents are common and can border on the mundane. But teal blue and various shades of brown have a new popular color combination made in contemporary style design. The punch of bright blue with an undertone of green adds a pop of color against more neutral brown tones, creating a modern living room is anything but boring.
Create an accent wall. Paint it white. Stencil or draw a mural or a design in deep brown and teal highlighted with lime green. Opt for wallpaper in a teal and brown geometric design of brown and teal pinstripes on a beige background. Paint all four walls beige. Mark them with paintings or prints in shades of brown and teal. Soften the room by hanging a quilt in a log cabin pattern with geometric shapes. Choose one with blue green and brown as the main color. Now is time for windows with teal valance.
Dress the windows marked with bamboo roll-up blinds with teal blue window trim. Layer pale blue green full-length curtains among brown linen curtains with tulle tops hung on wrought iron rods and pooled on the floor. Hang canvas roman shades of teal, brown and pink horizontal stripes. They pour a tailored teal valance.

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