Decor An Excellent Choice With Sheer Valances

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Glamour Sheer Valances

Sheer valances – For those looking for bedroom decor that creates the feeling of a retreat, rain forest bedroom decor an excellent choice. A rain forest style bedroom features a vibrant color palette, contrasting textures and pieces with natural materials and textures. You can invest in the rain forest design elements or just integrate new textiles, accessories or finishes that evoke the theme
Study your current bedroom space to decide what great sheer valances design elements you want to integrate. Adding a picture window or extension of an existing window emphasizes natural light, which works well to pick up the bold colors and contrasts in the rain forest bedroom decor. Skylights or solar tubes are another option, although not providing views of the surrounding countryside. Creating a rain-forest-inspired by adding a window box filled with tropical flowers or by hanging leafy plants or vines from a nearby trellis. Exposed beam ceilings, wall post or an accent wall in stucco, stone or brick lend the room a rustic, outdoorsy tone.
Choose a color scheme. Sheer valances bedroom design can feature deep bottle green, sky blue, mango orange, sunny yellow, spring green, ruby red, turquoise, Terra-cottar or espresso brown. You can lighten the dark and purple hues by painting the ceiling a crisp, blue-based white, pale yellow or faded earth tone and expansion of neutral color down an accent wall or window frames and door frames.
Soften the look with fabrics in light shades or bold patterns. Sheer panels can cover windows, while a mosquito nets or curtains give the bed a rain-forest-themed canopy. Pillowcase, rugs or window treatments can contain prints of tropical flowers or leaves.  Accessorize with functional pieces that have sheer valances style. A white paper tint has a simple look; while a bouquet of bright silk Chinese lanterns reflect the brilliance of the rain forest canopy. Line a window with a number of tea lights. Hang photographs and illustrations in raw, untreated wood frames or bamboo frames.

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