Custom Window Valances With Simple

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Ideas Custom Window Valances

Custom window valances – Some people look at windows and assume that curtains, blinds, or both will give adequate spot. In the world of interior decorating, it is, however, a valance that adds a complete and formal dimension to the appearance of a window. They also hide the hardware and the top of a window.Valance acts as decorative drapes which cover the top of the window horizontally. Similar curtain tapes and decorative rods, valance provides additional coordination and a finishing touch to a window treatment.
Custom window valances part is simple: it sits over regular curtain rod or drape frame on another pole. Since the valance hangs down enough to cover the space above a curtain, covering both its own root and top of the curtain rod or window blind beneath it.Custom window valances styles are designed to relate to the overall style of the room and specific window treatment. Valance styles include a traditional French style with pleats matching curtains below, halo valances, banner caps embassy valances, custom balloon versions, a scarf style and Continental together different. They are generally 10 to 18 inches long. They may be the same fabric as a curtain, or other substance.
A custom window valances can be made of fabric and drapery hanging on a rod, or a decorative board of directors mounted at the top of a window. You can make your own fabric valances, if you are good with sewing and tailoring, or you can construct a wood valance frame covered by fabric. You can buy valance units in manufactured versions and mix and match elements, if desired.

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