Curtains With Beaded Valance

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Beauty Beaded Valance

Beaded valance – Add a border, you can change the window in the mediocrity in the spotlight. Hang decorative border dress, because women are the same, just maybe at the top of the window or curtain can be added on. If you have basic sewing skills, you can create a hanging mesh to create an interesting Interior in the window.
Measure your beaded curtain valance rod and divide the measurement in half. This is the distance you want to cover the border. Add 4 inches (10 cm) to this measurement, seam allowances and permits beaded valance hangs a bit when lay completely in more than half of the window. This measurement is the average circumference (diameter) flat side borders.
Stretch fabric with a flat edge (the edge that may have lines printed on the edge) at the top and bottom. Place the pieces of the pattern on the fabric with a flat top side of the model. Cut a piece of fabric for each border of the pendant that you want to do. Place a piece of beaded valance on the border across the board with the back side of the fabric beads upwards. To stitches on the edge with a pin, to at the border.

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