Cove Molding Decoration Idea

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Cove Molding Stairs

One of the great home decorating ideas to change the look and feel of a room is to install cove molding. To install cove molding alone can save you big money. The average amount of $ 100- $ 150 standard room size and with about 6-8 hours of your free time, you can do it yourself (DIY). Installing cove molding and learn how to do your cut corners crown molding themselves can really help you in future projects.

With a rating of moderate difficulty, it may be pleased to know that the installation of cove molding is very similar to the installation of the statue. Of course, the hardest part of the installation of cove molding involves cutting joints for a corner kick. It takes some practice, but you can master with a little patience. You can start by measuring each wall or room you want to go new trim space. Always round up to the foot measurements and record the front on a sketch of the room (or rooms).

It’s a good idea to number each wall in the drawing so that when you get home casting parts. You can use a pencil to mark a similar number in every part of the casting match. Start with the wall opposite the door, and the number of each opposite wall. That’s all about cove molding.



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