Cool Bamboo Screen

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Green Bamboo Screen

Bamboo screen – Plant some trees in the area near your porch. Type plant that will grow in width, and height at eye level, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of your porch without sacrificing the benefits of light and fresh air. Some examples are Japanese lilacs, dogwoods and magnolias in bloom. Another option is bamboo, which grows tall and can provide a good selection. Be sure to check your area for growing these plants and trees before buying.
Planting bamboo screen for a privacy screen green dense foliage. This fast-growing plant reaches a height of 8 feet and grows in dense clusters. 5 feet away space to create a wall of bamboo. Look for varieties suitable for your area. Cold-hardy bamboo survives even in northern climates. Bamboo offers the additional benefit of shade for your backyard.
Bamboo screen usually grows larger than other plants of the same size of the pot, which makes it an economical solution for creating immediate coverage. Moreover, its graceful and elegant aesthetics are difficult to overcome. The disadvantage is its ability to crawl across the yard. The trick is to purchase a variety ‘aggregation’ instead of a ‘broker’. The latter requires an underground barrier to stop its invasive tendencies.

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