Chic Window Valances And Swags

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Bedroom Window Valances And Swags

Window valances and swags designs should complement decor and furnishings of room. If decor of room is formal, consider using a complex design spoils with folds and back plate. Garlands complex folds need a fabric lining so pleats hold their shape. For a casual room, opposite is true. loot must be simple, made of a lightweight fabric that makes easy drape and looping. loot must also be machine washable and require little or no maintenance, such as ironing.
Add drama to your window with window valances and swags is intertwined with other. Black silk overlay on top of golden silk, or choose two colors to match decor of your room. Let booty show black color and other swag show more golden color. You can also cover one color over another for an identical look on both garlands, with a lot of material flowing loose hanging from each side – all way to ground.
To ensure that no slipping window valances and swags to pole and to rear side of fabric. Dale booty added character by adding accents such as ribbons, tassels or cords. Add rosettes in a contrasting color to corners where loot ends and begins cascade. By creating a boot with folds, with a contrasting color will stand folds.

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