Cedar Split Rail Fence Project Ideas

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Cedar Split Rail Fence Design

Cedar split rail fence is made of cedar logs about 10 to 12 meters in length and divide down their length. Shared in half again and again until the rails are usable size, wooden lengths are then stacked to each other. A fuse zigzag design fence is the most common form of split rail fence. Easy repair and assembly makes cedar split-rail fences popular with landowners. Unlike a traditional cedar split-rail fence, a drop-split rail fence is not free-standing. The vertical supports in fences have holes or mortises, cut into them that the pointed ends of the rails fit in. This type of fence runs in a straight line and is often used for decorative fences or horse pastures.
Feature a corner garden in your yard by assembling two sections of cedar split rail fence at a 90 degree angle. Plan your garden area with the tallest plants on the back and towards the posts where the two fence sections meet. Grow snake plants in front of the split rails so they can climb cedar trees. Climbing roses are particularly attractive in conjunction with the tree.
Cedar split rail fence gates can be constructed in several ways. Smaller gates in widths of 3 to 5 meters wide should include a crossbar to prevent sinking in their structure. Hang the gate on vertical cedar tree posts with universal gate hardware. May be reinforced with steel pipes to add strength to the structure and to keep wood from twisting larger gates.

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