Cabinet Door Fronts From Laminated Chipboard LTD

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Cabinet door fronts – An issue that is always up to date and there is no clear answer to it. That is why in the discussion forums led eternal debate and you get the amount of information can seem lost. Most common materials from which made kitchen: LTD, MDF board with acrylic finish, lacquered panels, veneered and massive doors. But in this time in the article will tell about advantages and disadvantages of laminated chipboard LTD.

Cabinet door fronts LDT laminated board with ABS edge. It is produced by pressing on both sides with a sheet of decorative paper treated with melamine resin, imitating the color and texture of natural wood, respectively unity colors to support chipboard. It offers a large number of decors and imitation concrete or stone. There are also bright colors.

The surface layer of the laminate decorative surface is resistant to short term exposure to water, fever and common household chemicals. The advantages of cabinet door fronts from LTD board are low price, a wide range of patterns and colors, relatively good shape and color fastness. The other side LTD board has disadvantages like the lower water resistance and mechanical damage, the necessity to stick to the ABS edging tape as protection against abrasion and the gloss of color is lower than for other materials.

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