Butcher Block Dining Table Ideas

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Butcher Block Dining Table Top

Butcher Block Dining Table – We live a busy and crazy life, like most of our neighbors and friends. Every day seems to blend ahead and before we have time to fully adjust to that working week again Saturday. One of the kitchen tools we use every day of the week is our Kitchen Island. Our kitchen island has a top of butcher meat, which can be driven with four heavy duty locking caster wheels.

Have a drawer in front with two shelves below, hook on the sides and drop down on two of the four sides. Butcher block dining table with all these features gives us the ability to use them where and when we need them. All the pots, pans, and cooking utensils needed are store comfortably on the island kitchen shelves and in the drawers. Cleaning is always easy because we can unlock the wheel and roll the island near the sink and dumpster for easy disposal and wipe up all the meal preparation debris.

When the food is ready to get out of the oven, the top butcher block dining table is the right place to put it to allow any cooling before eating. Sunday morning usually finds us back on the island, only this time we enjoy coffee with Sunday paper or other casual reading material. Several hours spent sitting, sipping and just taking a quiet time to enjoy the weekend before the next event.


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