Building Galvanized Steel Fence Posts

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Simple Galvanized Steel Fence Posts

Galvanized steel fence posts – Appearance and design are two important things to consider when preparing to build a fence. But the most important thing to think about is the support of the fence. Your fence is not stronger than the support. It is best to place your posts in cement. Keeping your fence with a sealer or using pressure-impregnated wood will give you a fence to enjoy for many years to come.
Place your posts preferably 6 meters apart before starting to build your galvanized steel fence posts. Stick up a straight line to keep your posts in line. Dig holes 18 inches deep using a post whole digger. Place the posts in the seat post. Mix cement for the post holes. Fill all posts holes with cement to level with the ground. Check each post to make sure they are level and plum.
Leave stations for 24 hours before continuing to build your galvanized steel fence posts. Cut your top and lower fence rail when the posts have set up. Then nail them 4 meters apart. Nail up your strikers maintain a ΒΌ inch gap between them. Trim any excess wood from the top of the post. Check and check again the plum and level the posts before the concrete sets up. Check your strict line to make sure your posts are in line with each other. To prevent skew or control (cracking), it is a good idea to seal your fence with oil-based wood sealer.

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