Build Hexagon Backyard Sandbox

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Backyard Sandbox DIY

Backyard Sandbox – A basic sand box can provide hours of fun for children, whether in your backyard or on a terrace or patio. A litter box hexagon adds more interest to your garden a traditional square box while the sand accessible in six sides instead of four. Fortunately, you can save money by building their own Hexagon backyard sandbox and have it ready for filling with sand and toys in just a few hours.
Instructions: 1. Stand a table width of 2 inches. Place a conveyor along one end. Mark the line of 60 degrees along the width of 2 inches from a corner inward. Mark the line of 60 degrees at the other end, making sure that one side of the board remains 18 inches long, while the other side becomes shorter at each end. 2. Cut both ends of the table with a saw along the drawn lines. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the other five boards. 3. Arrange the tables in a hexagonal shape so that each plate facing side 18 inches long outward. Place two supports 3 inches apart along each inside corner of the hexagon backyard sandbox. Fasten with wood screws and a drill.
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