Boy Nursery Wall Decor

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Amazing Boy Nursery Wall Decor

Boy nursery wall decor is an enjoyable process for parents-to-be. While safety is the number one concern when choosing boy nursery wall decor, the second step is usually to select a theme for the room. Sport is always a favorite choice for families or active sports fans, especially if the baby is a boy. Nursery decor centered on football is an all-American option for the new arrival.
Use paint and a little creativity to design a mural on a wall of the nursery, which is not as difficult as it seems. In fact, a small boy nursery wall decor green makes you look larger, according to Better Health. Simply paint green wall, and add some white stripes to indicate yard lines. Add those numbers also. Use templates to paint the numbers, or buy stick in numbers
Accessorize the boy nursery wall decor with fun items football. A football helmet turned upside down, for example, may contain cloth diapers or rattles and other toys for young babies. Create a simple mobile to hang over the changing table, crib, or a light fixture hanging in the small balls soft fishing line. Paste the same small footballs to the ends of curtain rods. Place a high wall shelf – out of reach – and the line with football memorabilia, including an autographed football cleats lucky dad, football trading cards and other treasures.

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