Boho Wall Decor

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Boho Bedroom Decor

The Bohemian style closely inspired by Gypsy culture and Arabic and will give your home a familiar touch where your guests will feel good Follow these 5 tips to achieve this.Boho style is very warm and friendly and you can use many bright colors. Saturated and dark colors like earthy color, red, orange, yellow, blue and turquoise look very cute. For inspiration, think of all natural and bright colors that you –Boho Wall Decor like!
To make your boho wall decor house does not look too eclectic, we recommend keeping the walls in light colors and have fun with all the furniture and accessories, especially the tissues. Indeed, a key bohemian style is textiles; fabrics are widely used in various textures such as prints or patterns. You can put curtains instead of doors for example, or fill your floor with mats of various colors. Inspired by all Arabic
Style textiles, boho wall decor and Chinese! Also, typical textiles of Mexico are very nice and give this touch to your home! Mixing various styles of textiles in your floors, doors and walls and mix with some rugs that you can leave on the furniture (like your sofa, armchairs and chairs). For furniture, upholstery or other thick material colors

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