Blue Persian Rug Style

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Amazing Blue Persian Rug

The ancient Persian Empire is modern day Iran. Rich history of the country has given the world some of its greatest artistic and cultural treasures. One export much appreciated today as an adornment and an investment, is the Blue Persian Rug. Wool carpets are woven by nomads first time as protecting the bitter winters of the region. Finally weavers worked to create original designs and beautiful thick knots for colorful rugs. The stories people are woven into blankets as the symbols and images of tribal people illiterate.
Tabriz is a center of Blue Persian Rug-weaving historical Iranian and has been for centuries. The location of the city, at the foot of a volcano, made a protected oasis and allowed the manufacturing industry to grow blanket. Today, Tabriz is one of the major producing areas of Blue Persian Rug from Iran.
The designs are among the most diverse contemporary hand-woven Blue Persian Rug and are therefore very commercial. The grounds include medallion patterns and corners, as well as geometric and pictorial designs and prayer rugs. The palette of colors ranging from pastel to bright colors and shows a uniformly high level of art. Tabriz rugs are woven with a base of silk and wool and silk pile. They are collected as an investment, both in Iran and abroad.

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