Black And White Backyard Party Ideas

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Backyard Party Ideas Decoration

Backyard Party Ideas – To celebrate its success after releasing the true crime classic “In Cold Blood,” Truman Capote threw a masked ball in black and full of stars and white. In 2009, Elton John hosted a gala black and white, while the San Francisco Symphony launches a ball of white and black theme each year. Borrow some of your ideas and make a party in black and white and yours.
Table decorations
Set the mood for your backyard party ideas of black and white with table decorations. If you are launching a fantasy masquerade ball, as Truman Capote, tablecloths cover the tables with black velvet trimmed in white tablecloths covered with black or white lace. For a more casual affair, as sweet 16 party of a teenager, cover the tables with black and white checkered tablecloths and youth more or polka dot. You can also use pillar candles in black and white.
Party decorations
If you are throwing a birthday backyard party ideas black and white, decorate with lots of balloons. Buy an equal number of black and white balloons, or buy mostly black, incorporating the occasional white balloon visual interest; using mostly white balloons create the same effect. For a child or teen party, hang crepe paper streamers black and white. You can decorate your party food too.

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