Big Fish Small Pond Meaning

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Big Fish Small Pond Mean

Big fish small pond – I Know, please do not follow, and succeed? That serves a winning mind if not disclosed; I have to broaden my horizon, that’s all that I need. Why settle for pond taking a step magnificent ocean? Why should I resign myself to know me a few hundred, when there were thousands waiting discover me? And here I am nothing more than a big fish in a small pond.

It is possible, as can be that big fish small pond must decrease when entering ocean, where, like you, there are thousands, becoming known. But here you are single, you can be sure that no one will be able to do what you do, while there surely has dozens.

You’re right, I do not deny it, maybe my talent overshadowed see, but can also grow, improve, offering more of what we now offer. That’s my struggle, to perfect my art, never stop, world is infinite and possibilities offered, and it would be foolish to waste all staying in a place where I cannot get even half of them. And even with failure as an option I feel it will be worth it. Yes, I’m a big fish small pond, and tiny compared to vast ocean; but this fish will not miss opportunity to get bigger, to be known and so free and proud sail world.

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