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Mulch spreader – Manufactured by Earth Way Products, Inc., spreaders brand Earth Way EV-N-SPRED are available for almost every situation gardening. Besides its commercial and professional spreaders, Earth Way line includes hand spreaders, spreaders and power dividers for small and large gardens. Dissemination and use of spreader adjustment formula Earth Way drop.
Hand mulch spreader is useful for very small areas, wetlands and anywhere you cannot go a spreader roll. Locate configuration table at bottom of these Spreaders less able to determine how to set distribution unit of fertilizer, seeds, ice melting salt and other chemicals.
Before determining correct spreader, make sure unit is properly calibrated. Calibrate your spreader before attempting to adjust rates configuration. If they have transmitted mulch spreader with a lever bar typesetting, open lock. Look at control lever. If leading edge is at # 30, unit is properly calibrated. To adjust control lever, loosen top and down bit nuts at a time until you can move lever to # 30, carefully retighten nuts. If you have a spreader diffusion adjustment type of cable and control lever is not at # 30, make sure closure is fully open, loosen screw cable clamp in bottom of hopper and move lever to # 30. Tighten cable clamp screw carefully. To calibrate a drop separator, open speed control lever to see if it is at # 30. If not, adjust control cable until # 30.

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