Beauty Dog Ear Fencing

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Dog Ear Fencing Backyard

Dog ear fencing – Beauty and durability are two of the most desirable qualities in fencing materials. The wood must be of high enough quality that it does not bend with age, and the tree must not break from weathering. It should be as impermeable as possible to the wood-damaging insects. Redwood meets these standards, which makes the material of choice for outdoor projects. Redwood fencing comes in many different styles, lending versatility to its other virtues.
A dog ear fencing (Otodectes cynotis) is a tiny parasite that lives in the dog’s ear canal. It is very mobile and can therefore also be taken elsewhere on the body. The irritates the ear canal and causing otitis externa. The mite feeds on dead skin cells and the large amounts of earwax, which irritates the ear to form. Ear mites are most common in puppies.
A redwood fence that is dog ear fencing has vertical planks that are trimmed of their corners at the top and smoothed out. This adds a touch of interest, which breaks up the monotony of an ordinary, straight-cut fence. Picket fences often dog eared planks. A redwood shadowbox fence with dog ears offer a double supply of texture. Vertical planks used for alternating sides of the supporting posts create depth, and dog ears atop a sculpted finish.

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