Backyard Renovations Ideas

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Backyard Renovations Makeover

Backyard Renovations – The concrete is flat and not particularly elegant or attractive to the eye, but it is not as it should be. You can decorate a concrete slab to make it more attractive. If you have a slab in the backyard which is used as a patio for entertaining, consider changing your color or display so that it no longer seems particular. The task is uncomplicated and should not take more than one day.
Instructions: 1. Wash the concrete backyard renovations slab outside to remove dirt and debris. Let dry for 24 hours. 2. Apply tape to the concrete surface in which not want the stain coat. Make designs with ribbon such as stripes, squares and other shapes. You can also consider using a template to cover parts of the yard and form designs or words. 3. Mix stains concrete and water in a garden sprayer in equal portion. Put the lid and shake up. Adjust nozzle spray a fine mist. 4. Cover the surface by spraying in a circle pattern. Do not spray forth unless you want to coats the concrete with a solid color stain. Circle pattern allow lose points and be more natural. For a natural effect backyard renovations, spray on concrete with three different colors in earth tones.

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