Backyard Foundry Furnace Plans

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Backyard Foundry Tutorial

This time aged mixture backyard foundry to containers or cupola, a furnace was adopted by the owners of the foundry financial problems during the Great Depression, everyone suffers financial difficulties during the day, so there is a lot of improvisation going on, now founder of the backyard can save money to make a drink home like the old timers did.
First before you install backyard foundry, you need to make a mixture of alcoholic beverages, namely the free slag old firebricks broken, break them into 50% and 50% the size -pea Walnut size. Place the mixture of alcoholic beverages in a large bucket or drum and fill the container with water until the grog were well covered; let soak until there is no sign of air bubbles.
In making backyard foundry is follow the next few steps carefully, since the amount made by volume and not weight. Take three volumes of the now very wet mix 50/50 alcoholic beverages and adding two volumes both fire clay. Final alcoholic beverages and fireclay mix should have about 6% moisture, it should be easy to form into a ball in your hand, if it is fragile, too dry, and you may need to add more water. But be careful because you do not want to let it become like mud.

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