Attic Stairs To Reach The Attics In Your Home

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Werner Attic Stairs

You have to install attic stairs if you often utilize the attics for storage in your home. The stairs are installed into the attics floors and ceilings of the floor below the attics. Therefore, the stairs will ease you to reach the attic and go out of the attics. The stairs are commonly made from wood, fiberglass, aluminum, and metal. Before having the stairs, you have to pay attention on what you have to consider before buying them and how to install the correctly. This article will guide you to have the safe stairs for your attics.

What to Consider before Buying Attic Stairs

First, look at your attics spaces whether they are possible to be installed the stairs or not. If you do not have enough space, you have to plan on cutting and framing a new opening for the star access. Then, you have to consider the stairs’ length and weight. The stairs are sold in various sizes. Measure the distance between floors and attics before buying the stairs. The stairs’ weight are also various. The heavier stairs mean the stronger stairs. The stairs are made from wood, aluminum, metal, and fiberglass. The best seller products are the wood and aluminum ones.

The Attic Stairs Installation

First, if you have not had the stairs access to your attics, you have to cut the square in your attic. Measure and chalk the square. The square size is adjusted to the stairs’ width and your body size. Then cut it along the chalk lines using reciprocating saw. After that, you have to cut and attach the header boards. Then, you also have to create the support boards at each end of the opening. Give the shim as the support in the boards. The last step is installing the stairs. Adjust the stairs’ length to the distance between floors and attics. Install the stairs, and check whether the stairs’ feet are flush with the floor. And then, you must drill holes through the stair’s feet and rails and make them secure by applying bolts.

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