Attaching Wood Valance On The Window

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Wood Valance Style

Wood valance – A border of wood can make a dramatic statement when placed on wood blinds or curtains on the windows or hung on a single wall. You can place wooden borders within a window frame over the rail head of a blind or outside the window frame wood covering existing treatment or just window. When mounted outside the window, a wood valance is often referred to as a ledge.
Wood valance, Inside mounted on a head rail, Remove the blind from its current location in the window, or follow the instructions included in the installation of a new window blinds if the blind is not hanging in the window. Place the valance clips included in the kit hardware or valance blind head rail hardware. Install or reinstall the window blind, using the supports of the blind. Slide the clip or valance on the rail head.
Attaching wood valance, Outside mounted Valance, Decide on the correct placement of the external-mounted valance. Measure the length return of existing curtains or blinds using a steel tape measure to ensure that the border wall protruding beyond any currently installed covers window. Mark a line on the wall, on either side of the window to show where to install the supports of the border. Place the level against the marker lines to ensure that the valance will hang on the wall level. Pre-drill the holes in the window frame or wall with cordless electric drill. Drywall or plaster. Attach the mounting hardware valance under the wall or window with a cordless screwdriver. Place the sides back to the border. Clip, screw or slide the wood valance brackets in L.

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