Affordable Arbor With Gate

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Arbor With Gate Decor

Arbor with gate – An arbor is a functional structure that can be used as a general trellis for climbing vines and flowering shrubs as clematis and roses. When you are done thoughtfully, but an arbor also be an architectural feature, a focal point and a temporary structure to a new place
In temperate climates of Italy and France, is part of many homes set aside for outdoor use. Often these expansive gardens where families would gather to eat, play and socialize. To mark the transition from one area of ​​the garden to the other, a path covered with an arbor or pergola. You can create this feeling again, as you move from the front of your house in your backyard by placing an arbor with gate around your privacy fence gate.
By utilizing cedar, redwood or other sturdy exterior grade wood, you can create a tall structure with a narrow roof and side panels with large gaps between planks to allow air and light to flow through. An arbor with gate can be placed against the back wall of the garage, house or outbuilding to provide additional support and seclusion if desired. This larger arbor form, six feet tall and wide, is perfect for placing a bench under to enjoy the quiet beauty of the garden and the structure above.

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