Adhesive Stair Treads Simple Technique

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Adhesive Stair Treads Outdoor

Adhesive Stair Treads – To renovate a wooden staircase, here is a simple technique to implement. No paint, but adhesives that mimic black and white cement tiles. You will give a new look to your stair risers in the blink of an eye with these adhesives. Renovating a staircase will not take you very long and will be an easy operation.
Simply clean the risers well and make sure that the support is well smooth before applying the adhesive stair treads. Before you begin, make sure your support is smooth, clean, dry, and dust-free. Remove the paper backing from the Domino adhesive. Adjust the top of the Domino adhesive on the top of the riser you wish to cover. Press with a soft cloth or soft cloth from top to bottom, pushing carefully to remove any air bubbles. Never slouch too hard to avoid damaging your Domino.
Using the ruler and the cutter cut the adhesive stair treads at the base of the riser to adjust it to the support. You can keep the drop of the adhesive for the sequel or for another dominated creation! Adjust a second Domino on the first and repeat steps 2, 3 and 5 to the end of the riser. You can choose the same pattern or alternate patterns on the same step. Depending on the width of your riser you can either cut the last Domino as in step 5 but this time vertically, or reuse a fall to finish the walk.

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