Above Ground Pool Stairs For Your Swimming Safety And Comfort

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Used Above Ground Pool Stairs

Enhance your swimming comfort and safety by using above ground pool stairs! The stairs are created to ease you to get in and out of the swimming pool. The stairs also becomes the safe means to enter the swimming pool. It will be much safer to enter the pool using stairs rather than jumping from the pool side. The stairs are usually made of plastic with horizontal steps and vertical metal poles. The stairs are commonly located several feet off the ground, and the frame stairs are installed above the pool. To stabilize the stairs, water or weight bags are usually used.

The Cautions of Above Ground Pool Stairs

The stairs facilitate you to get in and out of the pool easily, yet the stairs has the safety problem. Sometimes the stairs are not really secure if they are not installed correctly. It will be scary is the stairs often shake or make the people slip. It may cause serious injury. Therefore, the correct installation is much needed. The pool planners also have to think about

The Steps of Above Ground Pool Stairs Installation

This article will guide you to install the stairs correctly. First, make sure that the ladder won’t move. Place the stairs in pool and use the post hole digger to create two holes outside the pool which are close enough to the wall. Place the posts in holes. After that, you have to fasten the stairs by using the holes in stairs as guide. Use a washer, put on each of the bolts and install them in the holes. Place the nut on the bolts, and then use the wrench to tighten it. Last, use silicone sealer as the finishing. Attach silicone sealer around each of the bolts both inside and outside.

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